Trainspotting 2.0

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Trainspotting 2.0

Postby spacemanrich » Mon Jul 25, 2016 6:27 pm

Still a long ways off, at least here in the States. The movie won't come out until February 2017 stateside.

Don't know .... if it is going to be good or not ? Is it going to be a continuation of one of the Welsh's novels ? Robert Carlysle is hardly recognizeable with that stache. Great movie when it came out during the Britpop era. ... 408796.php
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Re: Trainspotting 2.0

Postby BzaInSpace » Mon Jul 25, 2016 11:08 pm

I'm just hoping it doesn't follow too closely 'Porno', which for me is one of the least likeable of Welsh's novels.

It is a really nihilistic and depressing read - the main characters are thoroughly without any kind of redeeming features whatsoever (Which to be fair was probably the point).

Danny Boyle should make a movie based on Edinburgh's favourite aerated-water salesman/taxi driver instead - the legend that is 'Juice' Terry Lawson.

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Re: Trainspotting 2.0

Postby Laz69 » Tue Jul 26, 2016 9:19 am

Part of it was filmed in a local pub in my town. Supposedly a scene with them in the pub while a group of loyalists are in celebrating (for Orange marching season or something). Created a lot of commotion in the town and plenty of crowds there just trying to get a glimpse of the actors. I haven't read Porno but think this will be an enjoyable romp none-the-less. I'm more interested in how the characters will come across now they are much older.

Looking forward to it.
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Re: Trainspotting 2.0

Postby semisynthetic » Fri Jul 29, 2016 5:23 am

To cover such a sad and serious problem, I really enjoyed the film of Trainspotting; and of course that really marvelous Soundtrack. Humor interjected with a stark reality is very often the best way to tell such stories as this one; anyone who knows or who has known someone fighting one of the most powerful and addictive poisons ever synthesized, that of Heroin, knows it is not a laugh-a-minute; but to tell the story of these people in the way it was told impressed me very much. Humor can often make the unwatchable, for a while, more acceptable, or perhaps at least more bearable.
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Re: Trainspotting 2.0

Postby spzretent » Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:40 pm

Saw it Saturday. It was excellent. 20 years on same cast with different issues that come along in 20 years. Some didn't change. It all worked well and a nice blending of the old with the new. Including some ace tunes.
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Re: Trainspotting 2.0

Postby davedecay » Wed Mar 29, 2017 4:42 am

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