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Board FAQs and information archive - New members please read

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Greetings from the moderators.

Included here are a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to clear up some misconceptions that some newer members have about this message board. And later on in this message, a useful research tool that will probably answer most first-timer questions.

The general theme is that whereas this is the official Spiritualized messageboard, Jason Pierce does not participate.

Q: Does Jason Pierce post or read here?
A: No. Never.

Q: Do the moderators speak to Jason Pierce?
A: Some of us have met him, but no, we don't "speak" with him on a regular basis.

Q: Can you send my message to Jason Pierce?
A: No. We can't contact him, and we do not relay information from this board or any of its members to him and no, your message won't get through.

Q: Have other members of Spacemen 3 or Spiritualized contributed to the board?
A: Yes. See below!

Q: What's Jason really like?
A: Private. Very.

Q: Who is 'Fuzzhead' and why is this forum dedicated to him?
A: Fuzzhead was a forum member called Adrian Murray who sadly passed away in June 2009. He was a regular contributor to the message board and his posts were generally informative and stimulating. When he died the message board had a day's mourning from the time of his funeral and it was felt a positive mark of respect would be to dedicate the music forum to him.

Specific questions regarding Spiritualized's parent group, Spacemen 3, which featured Peter Kember, Will Carruthers, Pete Bain, and others, might very well be addressed at Ian's thorough and enjoyably saucy Spacemen 3 FAQ. It's well worth a read at:

New members should also be aware that this message board is an outgrowth of the older, now defunct, official Spiritualized messageboard. Because of the size and breadth of information on that board it was kept online for research purposes but links to it no longer work. We get asked a few questions over and over that would be best served by looking them up using this message board's search feature.

Some of the questions we get asked over and over include:

Relating to members of the band:
1. What's the deal with (Kate Radley, Sonic Boom, Sean Cook, Lupine Howl, Will Carruthers, etc.)?

Relating to musical material:
2. What classical piece is Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space derived from? (Pachelbel's Canon in D)
3. Who wrote (Starship, Mary Anne, Little Doll, Rollercoaster, Transparent Radiation, Born Never Asked, Oh Happy Day, Why Don't You Smile Now, Anyway You Want Me, etc.)?
4. I think I just heard a song that sounds just like (Run Run Run, Ode to Street Hassle, Suicide, etc.). What's the story?

Doing a search for the terms in brackets will bring up a wealth of information on the message board. Don't hesitate to ask your question here if your questions aren't answered there. I think you'll find the community fairly friendly and many members are relative fonts of Spacemen 3/Spiritualized information. Keep in mind the posts on this board are highly opinionated and aren't under any circumstances to be considered official information.

Updated July 8th, 2004. (Ian's FAQ added)