1998-03-29 Remstered

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good dope/good fun
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1998-03-29 Remstered

Post by good dope/good fun »

Below I am posting a link to the files of the remastered copy of the 1998-03-29 show.

Recently, a very nice person put in some work to make this recording sound a little bit better.
He basically tweaked the high-end, got rid of some of the muddiness, and balanced the channels.
Full description can be found in the text file.

As I write this, there are only 3 people who have this copy.
Me, the person who put the work into it, and I sent a link to BZA not too long ago.
I said to BZA then that it would be selfish if I kept this to myself.
And now I feel that it would be selfish if it were not shared here.

So please feel free to download, enjoy and share.
Give some thanks.

Oh, and the person who remastered it had no prior knowledge of Spiritualized®.
But he did say that he liked what he heard.


https://mega.nz/#!7xYC1STL!V_LLm0B24j6R ... TkL72TGjQs

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Re: 1998-03-29 Remstered

Post by Multi »

Love the transition from Cop Shoot Cop into Shine A Light!

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Re: 1998-03-29 Remstered

Post by BzaInSpace »

I'll be honest and say I've not listened to this remaster yet, things are so hectic...

But even when I first heard this recording as a 128kbps MP3 version years back it immediately elevated itself to the very best of the LAG era shows.

There was clearly some kind of perfect meeting of the stars and circumstances that night - was the gig not on a beach or something?

It's talked about here somewhere at length - search under "Canes 1998".

Many, many thanks to GD-GF and whoever remastered it... Cheers!
O P 8

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Re: 1998-03-29 Remstered

Post by The Dr »

Re: Best Spiritualized Bootleg

Postby Chris Barrus » Tue Nov 17, 2009 7:50 am
There can be only one show:

31 March, 1998 at Canes in San Diego. I got a chance to talk to Jason about that show this year and he still remembers it.

http://spiritualized.band/viewtopic.php ... 998#p84363

http://spiritualized.band/viewtopic.php ... 998#p73547
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Re: 1998-03-29 Remstered

Post by Starfish »

Just when you thought you already knew what you're favourite version of Shine A Light was.


Many thanks, all.

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Re: 1998-03-29 Remstered

Post by shalloboi »

will have to listen to this ASAP- I love the old version of this show, can't wait to hear it with improved sound quality.

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