The Lucid Dream - Paris robbery

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The Lucid Dream - Paris robbery

Postby Noddy » Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:50 pm

Hi all,
Mark here from The Lucid Dream. I occasionally post on here when time permits, and I know a few forum members have seen us live over the years at the likes of Liverpool Psych Fest/supporting Spectrum/Death In Vegas etc. Hope the mods don't mind this post.

Last week we were embarking on a quartet of European dates. We unfortunately woke up on Friday morning to an empty van in Paris after a show at Supersonic, despite parking in a 'secure' hotel carpark. Sadly we lost everything, including 2 vintage Vox guitars. We had to cancel shows in Amsterdam and Brussels, and have been hit hard by the robbery.
The thieves broke in through the front window, climbed into the back of our tour van and removed the bed to access the equipment in the back section. The thieves also took all our merch (50 shirts/10 vinyls/50 CDs), and a box of 12s belonging to our tour DJ (dub/house/psych rarities). They even stole food and threw stylus' and 7"s across the van.

We have set up a Crowd Funder, which has already raised £6,600 of our £10,000 target within 4 days. We are completely humbled by the support already. If you would not mind taking a look at the equipment list within and keep an eye/ear out that would be ace. The guitars in particular are very distinctive.

Sadly this is happening way too often to bands at the minute, and while we will replace the equipment we will never get back the sentimental attachment. This equipment went from being presents from parents at 14 years old to playing 200+ gigs across Europe, so we are gutted. ... 76f5b84cf6

Ta again,
Mark x
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Re: The Lucid Dream - Paris robbery

Postby Laz69 » Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:05 am

Was gutted when i say the FB post last week about this. Still gets me in a rage whenever i hear a band going through this.

Your Glasgow show was one of the highlights of last year for my wife and I and she took a real shine to you guys after not knowing what to expect (we had actually come along for the support band) but we danced the night away and absolutely loved the show. Needless to say she felt terrible for you guys when she read what happened so a small donation was made.

Great to see people coming together for you all. As you say, you'll never get the emotional attachment back, but i hope you get yourselves back playing soon and, selfishly, back to Glasgow so you can bring smiles to our faces once again.
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Re: The Lucid Dream - Paris robbery

Postby runcible » Thu Mar 09, 2017 3:21 pm

I was appalled when I read about it this. If you hadn't posted here I was going to add a link. I chucked you a few quid too. I hope you hit your target.

I have read that bands touring the UK & Europe are being targeted by gangs who specialise in stealing musical equipment. Pretty unpleasant.
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