RIP Malcolm Young

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RIP Malcolm Young

Post by runcible »

You may have read that AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young died today.

Having grown up with AC/DC, from hearing them at school in 1977 to constantly revisiting their catalogue 40 years later, Malcolm was the powerhouse behind the band and his rhythm guitar was the influence of a thousand bands that followed. I never felt he got the credit he deserved - I mean he was the guy that made all the noise, with Angus adding the ripples all over it.

What a sad loss. RIP Malcolm.
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Re: RIP Malcolm Young

Post by spacemanrich »

You beat me to the post Runcie !

R.I.P. Malcom Young

Classic rock band that I never got to see in concert.
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Re: RIP Malcolm Young

Post by spzretent »

You are so right Runcible.
Malcolm took a back seat to Angus but was the backbone of the band.
I have to admit Angus is a shit hot front man.
Luckily to have seen them 3 times in arenas. They made an arena seem like a club.
R.I.P. Malcolm. I feel an AC DC night coming on.
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RIP Malcolm Young

Post by Dreamweapon »

Just found out. Really sad, especially considering his illness.
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Re: RIP Malcolm Young

Post by niamhm »

More sad news, 64 is no age at all really, terrible illness dementia, terrible. RIP Malcolm Young.
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Re: RIP Malcolm Young

Post by mojo filters »

Indeed, very sad news.

I wonder how long before this ends up in a Mark Kozelek lyric?
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Re: RIP Malcolm Young

Post by BzaInSpace »

A belated farewell to THE master of electric guitar riffs. Slow, steady and deadly in effect (without ever using any effects other than loud and louder...)

Powerage got a play this week. Loud.

Reputedly a favourite of Keith Richards. And so it should be. AC/DC took the interlocking and weaving electric circus way beyond what the Stones were doing at that point...
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Re: RIP Malcolm Young

Post by clewsr »

Since I first heard High Voltage at the age of 13 or 14, I've always had a big love for AC/DC. Was really saddened to hear about Malcom. No other band has ever captured that same essence of rock, dynamism and fun.
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