Rolling Stones ON AIR (new release)

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Re: Rolling Stones ON AIR (new release)

Post by angelsighs »

I did hear about the sound quality, apparently they've done some fake stereo thing on some of the tracks which is why it sounds a bit weird? It's a shame as in theory this should be a great collection, why do the Stones never quite get archival releases right.

Jagger's singing style? hmm I guess there is a fine line between tribute, parody and borderline offensiveness.
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Re: Rolling Stones ON AIR (new release)

Post by herman »

Well, I already had most of the songs on vinylbootlegs I bought maybe 20 years ago. At that time I had a big Brian Jones admiration. And guess what: most of them sound much better and sparkling than the official release. Same for the official release of 'Brussels Affair', the release on Chameleon Records (forgot what year) is so much better.
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