Royal Trux - 'White Stuff'

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Royal Trux - 'White Stuff'

Post by BzaInSpace »

I had no idea that the mighty Royal Trux had actually recently released a new album! Where have I been?

It's sounding great, beautifully broken and distorted (in every real sense) variations on pop melodies. Kool Keith appears halfway and it doesn't sound strange at all in the Trux universe.

They still sound like nobody else...
O P 8

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Re: Royal Trux - 'White Stuff'

Post by simonkeeping »

I still haven’t had a chance to check this out. I read there was a bit of animosity between Jen and Neil about the people she bought in to work on it. The tour is still happening though which is good news.

The world will always need Royal Trux. They are the real deal.

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