Happy birthday, Jason and Pete!

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Happy birthday, Jason and Pete!

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It's today, innit?
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Re: Happy birthday, Jason and Pete!

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And here’s to many more
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Re: Happy birthday, Jason and Pete!

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ro wrote: Wed Nov 20, 2019 2:06 am And here’s to many more
Here here + well said!

Family circumstances have potentially kept me out of the loop, but I'd love to know what Pete's up to these days?

I'm still absolutely loving both the Indian Giver album, and the War Sucks EP. They would be a fitting swansong to his career if needs be, but showed so much promise of interesting new stuff to come.

As for Jason, the new album seemed like a cleverly developed twist on his more recent outputs, combined with so many neat sonic touches that reference his earlier Spiritualized work.

I was lucky enough to scramble a successful trip to the great Glasgow gig, at the last minute. However attending just one gig for a new Spiritualized album, causes much frustration.

Surely there must still be viable scope for at least a limited UK run of gigs?

Far be it from me to dictate the set list, but I'm sure I'm not the only one keen to once again aspire to experience a classic live set - culminating in the sublime denouement of a rousing rendition of Take Your Time, followed by a nostalgic climax of Smiles/Things Will Never Be The Same or Take Me To The Other Side?
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Re: Happy birthday, Jason and Pete!

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It did cross my mind that because he took so long to record the last album that he must be sick of the songs. However, he did tour other countries, just not the UK (OK, there were a couple of one off specials in the UK, but not a proper tour). I wonder why? Shame. It's 14 months since it was released!!
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