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Tate Britain exhibiting LP with Sonic & Will (Flowers Of Hell - Come Hell Or High Water)

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 5:57 pm
by poppy
Quick mention that the Tate Britain are exhibiting the 2009 Flowers Of Hell 'Come Hell Or High Water' LP that Sonic, Will Carruthers, and former Spz sax player Ray Dickaty all guest on - it's one of six albums in their upcoming Aubrey Beardsley exhibition Mar 4 - May 25 (others include The Beatles' Revolver, and Procol Harum and Humble Pie's eponymous albums). The Flowers are playing a rare London show with Sp3's Sterling 'Rosco' Roswell Fri Feb 28 at St Pancras Old Church when in town for the opening. Giving a heads up as would rather folks here get a chance to get what's left of the old LP stock before Beardsley collectors grab it for the artwork rather than the music.