Andrew Weatherall RIP

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Andrew Weatherall RIP

Post by runcible »

A friend just told me that Andy Weatherall has died. The guy was just 56. Words fail me to some extent. So damn sad.

Whilst people may point to Screamadelica as his finest moment that's a serious overlook of his other work. One Dove's 'Morning Dove White' is another great album with many similarities to Screamadelica. But jump forward to his wonderful 'A Pox On The Pioneers' from 2009. All sorts of stuff from dance to rockabilly to Gary Glitter beats - I played this just last night in fact. Chuck in other brilliant albums from Two Lone Swordsmen, various production jobs etc... This was a hard-working guy who achieved genuine greatness.

We'll miss you mate...
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Re: Andrew Weatherall RIP

Post by Aquarian-Time »

Yeah my FB feed is awash with outpourings of grief, terribly sad news. A true innovator. :(
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Re: Andrew Weatherall RIP

Post by Dreamweapon »

Just seen this come up on BBC News 24 - please don't let this be another one of those years.....
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RIP Andrew Weatherall

Post by burningwheel »

[url=]Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, Chapterhouse, The Telescopes, Loop, Verve and more![/url]
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A Pox On The Pioneers

Post by BzaInSpace »

Dreadful news really - he was some guy, this is a true loss.

The music he created and assisted with the creation of speaks for itself.

There’s a lot of it, but little appears on streaming sites.

Those incredible epic sets he played regularly... The ALFOS nights also sounded unreal. Gutted I never made it to any.

He was also one of the kindest, inspirational, humerous and sharply dressed artists I’ve ever actually met. After quite a night over 20 years ago I approached him in this club after seeing him rip apart the place with future funk space disco - he graciously chatted to me for a while and he even let me have some of his beers and cigarettes.

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Re: Andrew Weatherall RIP

Post by spacemanrich »

R.I.P. - created beautiful music.
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Re: Andrew Weatherall RIP

Post by moop »

Here's a massive fan-collated archive of mixes and live shows, AKA 'The Weatherdrive': ... E1uV0JtSGs

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Re: Andrew Weatherall RIP

Post by sunray »

A recent David Holmes mix since Weatherall's death; 'The Songs That Andrew Weatherall Taught Us': ... arch-2020/
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