Top 5 songs from band or artist

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Top 5 songs from band or artist

Post by nghst »

I thought this might help me delve into bands I haven't gotten into yet and also see what songs people list for bands we are all familiar with.


1 Smiles
2 Cheapster
3 Anything More
4 Too Late
5 Lord Let it Rain on Me

The Velvet Underground:

1 I'll be Your Mirror
2 Sunday Morning
3 Candy Says
4 Rock & Roll
5 After Hours


1 Long Time
2 Dreaming
3 Man Overboard
4 Eat to the Beat
5 I'm on E

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard:

1 Empty
2 Loyalty
3 Mars for the Rich
4 Open Water
5 Doom City
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Re: Top 5 songs from band or artist

Post by runcible »

I like posts like this one!

Straight up here are a few...

Spacemen 3
1. Feel So Good
2. Come Down Easy
3. Things'll Never Be The Same
4. Losing Touch With My Mind
5. Set Me Free

1. Zooloft
2. Chocolate Town
3. Transdermal Celebration
4. Exactly Where I’m At
5. Stay Forever

Grateful Dead
1. Candyman
2. Ripple
3. Black Throated Wind
4. Next Time You See Me
5. Here Comes Sunshine

The Damned
1. Plan 9 Channel 7
2. 13th Floor Vendetta
3. Neat Neat Neat
4. Antipope
5. Noise Noise Noise
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Re: Top 5 songs from band or artist

Post by olan »

Each of these is in no particular order. The lists are valid for today only and will probably look very different if I did this again.I'll presume everyone is familiar with Spacemen3, Spiritualised, Spectrum, and all the other post SP3 projects by former members

1. Lo Boob Oscillator
2. Harmonium
3. Brakhage
4. Blue Milk
5. Jenny Ondoline

Durutti Column
1. Katherine
2. Fado
3. The Missing Boy
4. (What Is It To Me) Woman?
5. Bordeaux Sequence

The Orb
1. O.O.B.E.
2. A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld (Loving You) Peel Session Version
3. Toxygene
4. Oxbow Lakes
5. 20 Years of ShitKatapult (cheating 'cause it is a mix)

Joy Division
1. New Dawn Fades
2. Sound of Music
3. Autosuggestion
4. Dead Souls
5. Decades

1. Trans Europe Express
2. Numbers
3. The Robots
4. Spacelab
5. Elektro Kardiogram
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Re: Top 5 songs from band or artist

Post by Aquarian-Time »

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
1) Awake
2) Shade Of Blue
3) Half-State
4) Ninth Configuartion
5) Stop

The Charlatans

1) Easy Life
2) Feeling Holy
3) Page One
4) Don't Want To See The Sights
5) Another Rider Up In Flames


1) Metronomic Underground
2) Double Rocker
3) Wow and Flutter
4)Le Boob Oscillator
5) John Cage Bubblegum

The Verve

1) The Sun The Sea
2) Gravity Grave
3) A New Decade
4) Rolling people
5) Back On My Feet Again


1) Birdman
2) A Different PLace
3) Leave Them All Behind
4) Chrome Waves
5) Lannoy Point
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Re: Top 5 songs from band or artist

Post by spzretent »

Spacemen 3
Walkin With Jesus
Set Me Free
Come Down Easy

She's A Superstar
Already There
Gravity Grave
A New Decade
Stormy Clouds/Reprise

Cocteau Twins
Sugar Hiccup
Pearly Dewdrops Drop

Primal Scream
Movin On Up
Big Jet Plane

Steve Mason
I Walk The Earth
All Come Down
Oh My Lord
Hardly Go Through
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Re: Top 5 songs from band or artist

Post by mc »



1. Shine A Light
2. The Slide Song
3. Stay With Me
4. If I Were With Her Now
5. Medication


1. We're Not Adult Oriented
2. Jenny Ondioline
3. Stomach Worm
4. Tempter
5. Outer Accelerator

Cocteau Twins

1. Heaven Or Las Vegas
2. Pearly Dewdrops Drops
3. Aikea-Guinea
4. Sugar Hiccup
5. Circling Girl

The Verve

1. She's A Superstar
2. A New Decade
3. So It Goes
4. Slide Away
5. Stormy Clouds/(Reprise)

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

1. Mladic
2. Peasantry or "Light Inside of Light!"/Lamb's Breath/Asunder, Sweet/Piss Crowns Are Trebled (it's all one song really)
3. Storm
4. Bosses Hang
5. Rockets Fall On Rocket Falls
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Re: Top 5 songs from band or artist

Post by heisenberg »


1. Don't Just Do Something
2. Ladies and Gentlemen We Are floating in Space
3. Shine a Light
4. Hey Jane
5. Sail on Through


1. Words
2. The Plan
3. Nightingale
4. Clarence White
5. Home

Red House Painters:

1. Have you Forgotten? (Vanilla Sky version)
2. Katy Song
3. Trailways
4. Mistress
5. Song for a Blue Guitar


1. She's a Superstar
2. The Drugs Don't Work
3. Beautiful Mind
4. Life's an Ocean
5. Sweet and Sour


1. Let Down
2. How to Disappear Completely
3. Bodysnatchers
4. Pyramid Song
5. Present Tense
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Re: Top 5 songs from band or artist

Post by angelsighs »

here's lists for some of my favourite artists. this is tricky, it's hard enough to create a whole playlist for your favourites, let alone just 5!

interesting how different people's Spiritualized lists are, and how many have done The Verve too- big crossover in fanbase.

Six Organs of Admittance

1. Shelter From The Ash
2. Elk River
3. Above A Desert I’ve Never Seen
4. Eighth Cognition / All You’ve Left
5. The 101


1. Samtidigt 1
2. Fredag
3. Mon Amour
4. Sluta Folja Efter
5. Franks Kaktus


1. Cindy
2. Don’t Cry
3. Barefoot on Sunday
4. Shobud
5. Border Lord

Dirty Three

1. Indian Love Song
2. I Remember When Once You Used To Love Me
3. She Has No Strings Apollo
4. Furnace Skies
5. Sea Above, Sky Below
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Re: Top 5 songs from band or artist

Post by SpEnCeR1 »


take your time
i think im in love
on the sunshine
the 12 steps

(the) VERVE

gravity grave
already there
ma ma soul
this is music
lifes an ocean (in any live incarnation - not the ANS version!)


black to comm
looking at you
sister anne
come together


funky dollar bill
can you get to that
sexy ways
you hit the nail on the head
mommy, whats a funkadelic ?
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Re: Top 5 songs from band or artist

Post by norrin radd »

Butthole surfers

1) P.S.Y
2) Jimi
3) lady sniff
4) space
5) something

Frank Zappa

1) watermelon in Easter hay
2) you are what you is
3) easy meat
4) Inca roads
5) peaches en regalia


1) good thoughts bad thoughts
2) red hot momma
3) hardcore jollies
4) comin round the mountain
5) hit it and quit it

Moon duo

1) lost heads
2) cross town fade
3) the crystal world
4) free action
5) sevens

Leo kottke

1) Vaseline machine gun
2) mona ray
3) the fisherman
4) June bug
5) the ice miner
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Re: Top 5 songs from band or artist

Post by niamhm »

Primal Scream
Higher Than The Sun
I`m Coming Down
Burning Wheel
Shoot Speed Kill Light

The La`s
Timeless Melody
Looking Glass
Son Of A Gun

Dead Kennedys
Holiday In Cambodia
California Uber Alles
Life Sentence
Dead End

The Cramps
Garbage Man
Human Fly
Drug Train

Wooden Shjips
Losin` Time
These Shadows
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Re: Top 5 songs from band or artist

Post by Shinesalight »

Oooh, I like the look of this. As other people have said, these come with the caveat of them changing on an almost daily basis:-

Shine A Light
Take Your Time
Feel So Sad
Angel Sigh

Spacemen 3
Feel So Good
Hey Man
Take Me To The Other Side
How Does It Feel
Big City

Close My Eyes
Vapour Trail
Moonlight Medicine
Chelsea Girl

She's A Superstar
Rolling People
Gravity Grave
This Is Music
One Way To Go

New Paths To Helicon
Mogwai Fear Satan
How To Be A Werewolf
I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead
2 Rights Make 1 Wrong
The Home of Drone
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Re: Top 5 songs from band or artist

Post by angelsighs »

Adam, your Mogwai list is very similar to what mine might be like.
How To Be A Werewolf included- quite a deep cut (even though they do play it live fairly often I think) but one of my favourites also.

picking 5 Spiritualized tracks is far too hard, but as of today 13:44 pm...

Angel Sigh
The Slide Song
Ladies & Gentlemen We are Floating in Space
Don't Just Do Something
Hey Jane
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Re: Top 5 songs from band or artist

Post by natty »


Feel So Sad (Peel Session)
Take Your Time
The Slide Song
I Think I'm in Love
Spread Your Wings

Spacemen 3:

That's Just Fine
Ecstasy Symphony/Transparent Radiation (flashback)
Call the Doctor
Walkin' With Jesus
So Hot

13th Floor Elevators:

I Had to Tell You
Slip Inside This House
Never Another

My Bloody Valentine:

You Made Me Realise
Only Shallow

Wu Tang Clan (Including solo)

Incarcerated Scarfaces (Raekwon)
4th Chamber (GZA)
The Soul Controller (Ghostface Killah)
Da Mystery of Chessboxin' (Wu Tang Clan)
Triumph (Wu Tang Clan)

Aphex Twin:

Cock/ver 10
Avril 14th
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Re: Top 5 songs from band or artist

Post by stegraham »

Here's my top 5 from my top 5:


Feel So Sad (the 13 min version from the 12")
You Know It's True
Shine a Light
The Slide Song
Stay With Me

Spacemen 3:

Why Couldn't I See
How Does It Feel?
Come Down Softly To My Soul
Losing Touch With My Mind


Go to Sleep
Touch the Stars
Lord I Don't Even Know My Name
Then I Just Drifted Away
Walking & Falling/Over & Over


Bloody Revolutions
Big A Little A
So What
Sheep Farming in the Falklands
I Know There Is Love

The Cult:

King Contary Man
The Witch
Bangkok Rain
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