Are these really Spiritualized songs?

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Are these really Spiritualized songs?

Post by throb »

okay, so I was nosing around the internet looking for "Sitting on fire" lyrics and found these: ... ghter.html ... Again.html ... -Side.html

I thought I was reasonably well up on Jason's catalogue, but I don't recognise the lyrics - in fact they don't really read like Jason's stuff at all. Is it "our" Spiritualized, another band or just a mistake?

There's a few more songs I don't recognise as well: ... known.html
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Re: Are these really Spiritualized songs?

Post by Vostok »

I never heard any of these songs and I don't think that they are spiritualized songs. :?

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Re: Are these really Spiritualized songs?

Post by twentysixdollars »

Going by the content-specific adverts at the bottom of the page, I would put even money on these being songs by the US 90s band Sublime, filed erroneously. Just a guess. They're definitely not Spiritualized songs.

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