Blue Dot Festival 23rd-26th July 2020

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Blue Dot Festival 23rd-26th July 2020

Post by stegraham »

I see that Spiritualized are playing at the Bluedot festival at Jodwell Bank in July:

Hope there's news of a UK tour soon. Please!?


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Re: Blue Dot Festival 23rd-26th July 2020

Post by slide_song »

glad to see this! ❤️

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Re: Blue Dot Festival 23rd-26th July 2020

Post by Dreamweapon »

I actually live just outside Macclesfield about 11 miles from Jodrell Bank, and my heart leapt when I got an email alert saying Spz were playing in Macc. I also thought how well they would work in front of the dishes and wondered why they had played Bluedot previously.

However, I'm not really wild on the line-up for the rest of the festival - had they played as part of last year's line-up, that'd be different, but I'm afraid I can't see myself going to this essentially for one band on that day.

As has been mentioned, let's hope this might mean a tour is on the way - for various reasons I've not actually been to a gig since 2013 - still quite anxious about going again, especially since the last few times I've been to see Spz, there have been some individuals in the crowd getting quite boisterous and moshing, as well as not being particularly pleasant to Jason! Might make me sound a bit condescending (if so totally unintentional), but going out can be a big deal. Don't want to miss out if they do tour, but it takes a lot of organising before I even deal with my own worries!

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