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http://basilicahudson.org/24-hour-drone ... d-music-2/

An immersive event and all-encompassing experience, 24-HOUR DRONE features musicians and sound artists experimenting within the spectrum of drone — sustained tones shaped by voice or instrumentation. 24-HOUR DRONE embodies Basilica Hudson at its most experimental and experiential — pushing the boundaries of what a communal, conceptual experience can be. Through 24-HOUR DRONE, Basilica offers a platform for truly experimental and emerging work that may otherwise go unseen.

2016 features an expanded lineup, including artist blocks selected by Tinnitus and Hospital Productions, drone-related video screenings by Second Ward Foundation, interstitial sound pieces, long-duration video and sound art exhibition curated by Wave Farm, film screenings, interactive art installations and more to be announced.

....Performing in-the-round in Basilica’s Main Hall is the legendary and eclectic experimental NYC band Oneida; US-based Moroccans Innov Gnawa with an ecstatic take on North Africa’s trance-inducing Sufi tradition; Hospital Productions DRONE BLOCK (curated by DRONE 2015 alum and Hospital Productions founder Dominic Fernow) with the machine rhythms, synthetic voices and operatic arias of Alberich, the eerie atmospheric sound collage and hard industrial beats of Dual Action, and the opiated atmospheres of Lussuria; Tinnitus Series DRONE BLOCK (curated by Adam Shore and Pitchfork’s Brandon Stosuy) with the immense sonic cacophony of Dreamcrusher, the cross-disciplinary Camilla Padgitt-Coles and Ka Baird mixing synth, flute and voice, and Bonnie Baxter of NYC-based band Kill Alters; Quelque Show DRONE BLOCK featuring Montreal-based artists including Efrim Manuel Menuck (Godspeed You! Black Emperor), returning to Basilica with a solo drone project, a collaboration between Jessica Moss(Silver Mt. Zion) and Kevin Doria (Growing, Total Life), and Gambletron, a queer interdisciplinary sonic artist and musician based out of Montréal presenting her multi-AM Radio Theremin.

Drums & Drones, a project of Brian Chase (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Collapsible Shoulder, Beech Creeps), explores the natural acoustic resonance of drums, sustaining their tones to reveal hidden frequencies using just intonation; Noveller summons a rich sonic palette using only a guitar; Ceramic TL’s dense blankets of sound is traversed by the dancers of Toronto-based movement collective Open Fortress; violinist, composer and software engineer Christopher Tignor is joined by critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, rapper, bassist, and vocalist Meshell Ndegeocello; Long Distance Poison invokes temporary relations to nothingness by means of minimal drones; and hARBOUR is an experimental trio featuring local legend Jack Walls on clarinet.

Newly confirmed acts include Daniel Lauter, playing one of the oldest original sets of quartz crystal bowls and Patrick Stephenson, founder of subterranean music series Cave Music, bringing his Cave Music Tube Orchestra to Basilica’s factory. DRONE 2015 alum Eric Fraser, an Indian classical musician and songwriter/composer, leads OMium, consisting of human voices plus harmonium drones, while DRONE 2015 alum Nathan McLaughlin explores bowed banjo as companion to reel-to-reel tape.

A number of musicians will perform pieces created specifically for 24-HOUR DRONE, many of them DRONE 2015 alumni. As the sun rises on Sunday morning, guests will experience a Cosmic Planetary Gong Panacea with Theresa Lyn Widmann and Friends. Multiple Paiste symphonic gongs will be set up in Basilica’s Main Hall to mirror their namesake planets’ formation in the sky at the time of the performance. Baltic, the solo project of D. James Goodwin, performs a piece based on the measurement of sea waves and the patterns they create in the Russian port city of Baltyisk. Tyler Wood’s piece evokes the oft-mournful whistles of Hudson Valley’s freight trains. Megafortress will be playing a new piece for saxophone, clarinet, double bass, percussion, and field recordings. Bobby Previte will present SCREENING ROOM, two processed drummers and looped Baritone saxophone. Patrick Higgins (Zs) collaborates with Ben Greenberg (Uniform, Hubble), and Arone Dyer’s (Buke & Gase) Dronechoir returns for a Pt. Deux!

Three Main Hall acts will rely on audience participation: OMium, Cave Music Tube Orchestra and Arone Dyer’s Dronechoir Pt. Deux.
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