Copenhagen 2019 Vega gig

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Copenhagen 2019 Vega gig

Post by cantona »

This was not a very good show. As others mentions it was like a singer songwriter with band. Too many songs from ANH and missing some louder songs. The band were not particularly engaging to watch, and none of them did much more than play the music. I missed some intensity and old songs.The light show was absolutely perfect and that was the sound too.

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Re: Copenhagen 2019 Vega gig

Post by veiko »

Hmmm... hard to say. I wasn't missing any huge bombastic space-rock explosions. I think Jase commented in one interview that one of his band members refers to ANH as "sad cowboy songs", so perhaps Jase thought not to throw in any floor shaking louder songs, as new album is rather quiet one. I so seriously enjoyed those three back singers, they made a lovely extra layer.

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