The Hunt

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The Hunt

Post by BVCP206 »

Compelling Danish drama about a nursery school worker wrongly accused of child abuse. Difficult to watch at times but wonderful performances from Mads Mikkelson in the lead and Annika Wedderkopp as the child.

Anybody else seen this?
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les revenantes
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Re: The Hunt

Post by les revenantes »

Not yet, it'll be availble on Netflix soon. Mads Mikkelson is one of the best actors right now ( in fact, he won this past summer in Cannes ). All of his movies are great. You have to check out the movie, " After the Wedding " - story is unique and one of the best movies.

Kinda know about the story about a teacher who was falsely accused of molestation. Gossips and rumours such as this can ruin a person's reputation, career, personal life, etc. even if it indeed false.
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Re: The Hunt

Post by sunray »

Saw this about a month ago, most definitely worth watching. Very good indeed.

Also, it reinforced my dislike of kids. :wink:

Loved Mads Mikkelson in the recent Hannibal series. Played to perfection.
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Re: The Hunt

Post by spacemanrich »

Tough movie, just got it last nite via Netflix. I had to watch it in two sittings. My God, be falsely accused of molestation by a 5 yr. old girl and it seems like not thoroughly investigated and harassed in the small town was difficult to watch to say the least. Even though it wasn't stated, but it seems implied that maybe Klara's older brother could have been molesting her ? Did anyone pick up on his glances and steely eyes like he is hiding something ?

In fact, here in the states their has been a lot of news about this and even something more recent of female teachers/aides molesting boys - if you can believe that !

This brings to mind what is going on with Ian Watkins - what a monster ! He even looks evil !
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