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Post by Hedspace »

If this was already mentioned...Im mentioning it again...its superb. Mostly unknowns so no distractions.

if your not on netflix its available on the torrentials if thats your thing.
jack white
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Re: Narcos

Post by jack white »

I loved it.

They did such a great job I actually found myself quite liking Escobar during it!

& it was so full of funny stuff. Terrific blend of horror & humour. I think it was one of the best shows in years. Great first season.
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Re: Narcos

Post by niamhm »

Binged on this one a few weekends back, absolutely terrific, a definite winner from Netflix, suspected from about 2 episodes out it wouldn`t be wrapped up in one season, glad now, another full season to enjoy sometime soon,
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Re: Narcos

Post by Rinker »

really enjoyed this series
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