Stranger Things

All of the above.

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Stranger Things

Post by Laz69 »

Not sure if many of you have caught this recent Netflix show but i cannot recomment it enough.

The Goonies meets The X-Files meets ET meets The Twilight Zone with a John Carpenter soundtrack. Only one series so far, but it was fabulous with a superb ending.

You just gotta check it out.
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Re: Stranger Things

Post by spacemanrich »

Yeah, watched a couple of episodes of that maybe 2 or 3 ? It's okay. Should give it another try. Came out the same time, also a Netflix production, " Marcella ". Didn't care for that either ...
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Re: Stranger Things

Post by heisenberg »

I really enjoyed this show too. The last episode felt a bit rushed, but overall it was very enjoyable. It feels refreshing, despite the obvious reference points and having elements you can clearly trace to other tv shows. Cast was great, too. Worth a go.
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