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Keep Music Evil: The Brian Jonestown Massacre Story

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 6:16 am
by veiko
I thought some people here would find this entertaining - book about Brian Jonestown Massacre

Re: Keep Music Evil: The Brian Jonestown Massacre Story

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2019 3:35 pm
by spacemanrich
Thanks for the recommendation Veiko. I was able to find this through my local library. Finished reading it.

Know the scene. Know the major players. All very reminiscient (spelling?) as I lived in San Francisco in the heady days before ' high tech ' ruined the city ( in more than one way ). I was able to witness both BJM and the Dandy's when they were constantly touring the Best Coast (West) all the way up from Seattle down to San Diego. Seen them numerous times at Bottom of the Hill ( a venue so small that one can spit across the room ), yes it was that small.

Excerpt: Two decades later, when journalist, author, and Elephant Stone Records founder Ben Vendetta compared Anton's earliest work with the BJM to Spiritualized, Anton responded, ' I've got video tapes of me playing that style of music in 1981, before there was even Spacemen 3. I'm into one-note minimalism with continuous drone notes going through. That's the criteria in my composition. All of my songs have a continuous note, whether it's cranked in the mix or totally buried. '

The above statement was made earlier on in the book (page 18), rather bold ( if I might add ).

I don't think I will buy this book but certainly a good read.


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