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Post by ORBITAL » Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:46 am

If you can get a tickets to go see this band, do it.

Saw them in Glasgow last night. So good.
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Re: T A M E I M P A L A

Post by tommy_b » Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:19 am

Saw them at the Leadmill in Sheffield on Friday night. Third time I've seen them, and whilst nothing has come close to the first time I saw them at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester (where they were so in control of their sound, and would almost at will and seemingly telepathically veer off from whatever tune they were playing into a free space rock jam, before effortlessly returning to the original tune) this time was much better than the second time (Sound Control in Manchester, where they appeared somewhat jaded).

They did appear to be still getting to grips with the new elements to their sound (all the synths, and an amended lineup), but a great gig none the less. The new album is absolutely fantastic as well, and can't recommend it highly enough.

A word on the Leadmill though. The gig was packed. And I mean uncomfortably, claustrophobically so. I would suggest it was dangerously full, perhaps overfull. Me and my bro were right at the back, and we barely had any space to breath, let alone move. And this was before the band even came on. We made the decision to move to the edges, and given the unusual layout of the venue, saw about 25% of the stage. Poor showing. We also stayed behind after for the "free indie disco", now I know I'm 40 years old and aren't really down with "the kids", but the music was truly shocking! Since when did Flo-Rida become "indie disco"? Suffice to say we made a swift exit!

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Re: T A M E I M P A L A

Post by mojo filters » Tue Nov 06, 2012 10:26 pm

I've been enjoying Lonerism recently, having read a good review in the Guardian which piqued my interest. Curiously every other review I've read since has not been good, a common theme seems to be that this album uses psychedelic clichés too much ... however that's a lot of what I like about the record, as there don't seem to be many, if any, bands currently making that sort of out-and-out psychedelia right now.

It was disappointing they only played 3 UK gigs, as I'd have loved to see them live. I also read that the live band/experience can be quite different as the main bloke is the only one who actually plays on the records - however that only makes the live proposition more appealing.

I can sympathise about your Leadmill experience. Although I lived in Sheffield for years in the 90's I can only think of 1 gig I saw there, which if I recall correctly was pretty empty so the sightlines issue didn't come up, but it is far too wide a room for gigs, which is odd as I recall being told it was originally purpose-built as a music venue. However I've been to many club nights of various types and enjoyed them mostly, though all 3 rooms would get really full. My worst experiences were the meathead bouncers who still have a reputation for being real arseholes. Apart from daft issues on the door, my least favourite experience was sitting on the bog with a dodgy stomach, hearing a commotion, and looking up to see 3 bald heads peering over the top of the loo. Nice :oops:
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