20th Anniversary Gig Memory etc

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20th Anniversary Gig Memory etc

Post by BzaInSpace »

Greetings... it's been a while.

It recurred to me that last night it was exactly 20 years ago I first saw Spiritualized live.

Now I feel really old. I still remember very little of the gig itself other than the mindblowing intensity: that white light clear rush from 'Oh Happy Day' > 'Shine A Light', hearing 'Walking With Jesus' for the first time and the epic and frightening 'Cop Shoot Cop...' which strobed the daylights outta me.

I've spoken of this show a lot down the line... at the time I thought it was after the massive RAH show... but that had actually been 4 days before. A very stripped down garage version of that gig I suppose.
BZA (2012) wrote:It was amazing and life-changing and I still carry that around with me. It occurs to me that this was perfectly timed for me, as in some way they bridged that gap between guitar based music (sonically speaking) and the mad end of techno with the repetition and noise and stuff..
Thanks to FB's memorial stuff I got sent reminders today it was only a mere 6 years today since I saw the band at the RAH, this time doing that incredible new album played in full thing, 6 months prior to Sweet Heart, Sweet Light was actually released.

Those 6 days in London with that gig being the astonishing and wild centrepiece remains very dear and potent to me. High times indeed.

For those that went to Desert Daze, and the Fillmore and other US shows soon... all I'm saying is that October is a great month to see Spiritualized and look forward to the reports.

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Re: 20th Anniversary Gig Memory etc

Post by ro »

Holy moly, 20 yrs almost exactly for me, too.
Thanks for posting this, BZA.
Good gosh, or is 21... or 22 ?
Either way, very special gig that has stayed with me always.
Forever glad & grateful.
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