Austin, TX

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Austin, TX

Post by » Thu Nov 20, 2003 8:10 pm

great show last night. It was the third time I've seen J.P. and Spiritualized. I was one of about 200 people in this little choir room sized hole in the wall. It was great to hear them again...ok, mind-blowing to see them again. Anyone else at the show? My 2 hour drive home at 1 am was the obvious highlight......................



I was at the show

Post by robertpb » Fri Nov 21, 2003 1:11 pm

I was at that 2nd Austin show. I also got to meet the band at the record store. Everyone was quite nice.

As for the question as to whether the set lists changed at all during the tour, I can say that they did because I downloaded the recent show from and it did not contain the familiar "Electricity/Shine a Light" pair while the 2nd Austin show did.

Cop Shoot Cop was a highlight for me.

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