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Manc GiG

Post by wazlam »

:twisted: Man , Visual Acid , the mix of old and new was very easy on the ear.I love walkin wid Jesus and this got me in the right frame of mind for the rest of the Gig.
Having not heard any of the new tracks prior to last night I can only say they sound alot more raw than the last two album offerings.
I jus love the stage show that Jason puts on , those lights , that intense strobe that lasts for ever burning thru even closed eyes it's such a rush.
If u have ever had strong acid this is the best way to recreate the experiance without having to ride out the remaining 11 hours in freakout-ville.
Go see him live , t's a must , leave ur acid at home belhive me u wont need it ! :twisted:

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Post by Sas »

:shock: What an outstanding gig indeed. Jason Pierce was so absorbed by the music, i was entranced watching him. Broken Heart had to be my favourite, i love the more bluesy live sound but i don't think it could ever outshine the violins on record. And as for the lights..i think my retina has been destroyed forever leaving a shadow of Pierce imprinted on my psyche. excellent x
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uncle monty

Post by uncle monty »

i have to say the gig was grand. i was even lucky enough to get a setlist at the end :) it was great, espcially the old stuff, brought back a lot of memories..

personally, i didn't quite get most of the newer songs. what i always loved about spiritualized is the way they build up layers of sound in the most exquisite way and that the only the only thing that's changed over the years is the method that they do it for example, the instruments used. and in songs such as 'she kissed me' and 'this little...' this seemd to be sadly absent. but 'hold on' was truly beautiful (as was broken heart for not only the lyrics and how jason deliverd them but also for the reason above), i personally found it almost impossible to hold back the tears during both songs... :cry:

but alas, it was great to see jason so absorbed in what he was doing. 'think i'm in love' was resplendent, certainly an experieince like no other. and not even 'come together' or 'cop shoot cop' could have beat the ending after 'smiles'.

a great gig despite the absense of strings, horns and choirs etc:( . but some more older songs (espcially from the 'ladies and gentlemen...' era) and an encore would have made it even better. :)

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Post by Muscles »


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Post by thelongsideone »

what was the set list?

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Post by The Breeze »

thelongsideone wrote:what was the set list?
Is anyone outside of the band gonna post a review?

Ya lucky Scallies! :twisted:

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Post by helm »

i think that manchester was possibly the best spiritualized gig i've been to (over 13 odd years). the band were on top form. the setlist was the same as the irish shows- best moments being shine a light, anything more and think i'm in love (although most of the new songs were pretty good too). the low point for me was possibly never coming back, but even that wasn't too bad.

really looking forward to seeing them in wolverhampton now!


Post by Guest »

Hey Waslam is that you Wayne? Tis dan Nick Holdens cousin here! Off to see em down here in the big smoke on friday and all is looking good, will let you know how I got on.

Up the Wanderers and send my best to the north West and all that sail in her!

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