Melbourne, Australia shows in March???

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Melbourne, Australia shows in March???

Post by Guest » Mon Feb 02, 2004 5:58 am

Hey anyone know the deal with the Australian tour dates?
It says on the tour dates page:
Wednesday 16th March - Australia - Melbourne - HBO Show
but the tickets that are being sold are:
Tuesday 16th March - Australia - Melbourne - Prince Of Wales

Anyone heard anything about this HBO show or is there a wire crossed somewhere?

The 16th is a Tuesday and Ticketek and Chugg say it's at the Prince on the 16th so i assume thats right, so i wonder if there's something else on the Wednesday at this HBO Show? Does HBO stand for something that i'm missing?
Suppose to be only 2 shows thou so i guess there's just a mistake on the tour dates.

Maybe i just answered myself?

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