Lockdown Instruments/Missing Band Chemistry

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Lockdown Instruments/Missing Band Chemistry

Post by toomilk »

Anyone discover any new instruments during lockdown?

I bought it back in 2018, but I have a mini Martin that I've been playing every day since March. It sounds great and is small enough to just plop down anywhere, but not too small as be unplayable. My partner bought me a mini Taylor acoustic bass for Christmas. I saw some musician on Instagram playing one and it seemed to be perfect for where I'm at with my playing right now. The video had them playing it in almost a finger-picking style with chords and I was instantly connected. Though I've always HATED acoustic basses, so let's see how this one does. With COVID, I'm a changed man. haha.

All of this is to get me to start playing guitar and bass more. I started taking bass "lessons" with Fugazi's Joe Lally a few months ago, but had to cancel them due to my lack of creativity and dedication. :( It was pretty cool to talk to him about Fugazi and their music writing process (spoiler alert: he hates most of what he played in that band. Kind of weird to have one-time bass idol shit on your formative music education.)

I officially moved out of my practice space, so everything is at home now. It was a lot more depressing than I imagined. Who knows when I'll be able to blast things out again (all of the homes are very close together in my neighborhood). I think the worst part of this whole time for me - and I know it is somewhat petty and not like an actual problem - is that I don't play music with other people now. I miss it terribly. That moment where you're with a group of people and the music just clicks and becomes more than just individual instruments playing together. I went from having that 3 to 4 times a week for 20 years of my life to nothing since February. Again, some people have it much much MUCH worse than me, but it's been really taxing on me. Never thought it would ever be a thing.

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well. These are hard times. If anyone ever needs to talk or have a zoom, just send me a DM.
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Re: Lockdown Instruments/Missing Band Chemistry

Post by simonkeeping »

Hey man, I totally understand how you feel. It's been such a weird year and I've gone through moments of thinking I should do some recording, I need to play more or set up my gear and get inspired but half the time I just think - I can't actually be arsed as It's not going to go anywhere.

Your point about playing music with other people is spot on. It changes your playing into something 'other'. You're part of a bigger sound and it's inspiring, creative and incredibly powerful. It almost doesn't matter what the end result is, it's just being part of that experience takes you somewhere else. When it locks together and you're in the moment it's literally the best feeling in the world. You cease to be a person and you become a channel. This all sounds very over the top but Im sure anyone who's played music will attest to how amazing that experience is. It lifts you up mentally and it's something to hold inside you for when things get tough (like now).

Covid has destroyed the fabric of society for the past 10 months. Whatever awaits us on the other side of this horror show I hope we can at least start getting back to a world we all recognise with simple pleasures such as watching I've music and meeting up with friends for a beer. I hope everyone is safe and well.

On another note, I can't believe you've got an acoustic bass man :wink:
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Re: Lockdown Instruments/Missing Band Chemistry

Post by Aquarian-Time »

Yeah I feel your pain. To be fair we have shed 2 guitarists and replaced with one, (all less rock more dream pop, pysch now ) we got about 2 months of rehearsals and writing in our rehearsal space and then the second lockdown hit. This one really annoyed us as we were writing a new song every week (or at least a fully formed jam, which we would develop). We lost all impetus and our new guitarist really struggled with the 2nd lockdown and went off the radar for a while.
Anyway we are back in the room again (Tier 2 here but we are allowed to practice in a covid sensible manner as we have live dates booked for the New Year) energy levels are high, everyone has bought new gear (I have a new drone pedal/oscillator type thing as well) and we have remembered all the new songs we had written ! Just to be in the room, our own space in our own world, away from the reality of the shit show that has been this year, really does give you a lift. Back at it on Monday, incidentally we just write a song reminiscent of the style of Acetone, which may interest some on here. New stuff really has the hit the spot for me, look forward to sharing it in 2021
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Re: Lockdown Instruments/Missing Band Chemistry

Post by Darby »

Yes to acoustic bass; the warmth is unlike anything else.

I've been enjoying the world without commutes, as I am in Los Angeles. While the jams are on hold, I have enjoyed patching up my gear in new and curious ways. Last week was fun with my EchoPlex and 2 Moog Rogues. There is a happy chaos in discovering sounds generated through analog signals. I had, at one point, taken a signal out and sent it to different amps, Yamaha G50 reverb master and Marshall preamp. Brought the signals back in to record. I was quite surprised with the texture. I'm planning fun with more vintage gear this week. For me, this is a welcome break.

While I understand the frustration of a no-show culture, I am enjoying slowing down the hectic pace of life. I am a professor so have no opportunity to be isolated, even during the pandemic.

This is my first post here and am happy to see a community around Spacejams. :D Sending you all peaceful thoughts.
“Curiouser and curiouser!”
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