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Has anyone else come across these beautiful Slovakian flutes? I saw a video this morning of someone playing one and was completely floored. It makes a very unique sound of overblown overtones and a great combination of a wood sound combined with almost metallic resonation - a lot of us here would probably compare it to some of the synths and tones you hear in later Spacemen 3/early Spz music. I've now seen some people using circular breathing with it to get an incredible drone effect. Just fucking incredible. Doesn't sound like a woodwind.

Here are some videos:


Fujara with double bass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGPgGwKQ-5g

If you are on instagram, veronika_vitazkova has a lots of fujara videos, along with lots of other flute-like instruments.
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Never heard of them before. Very nice, reminds me of Soul Kiss at times 8)
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