Dr Jim Marshall - R.I.P. Original Bluesbreaker!

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Dr Jim Marshall - R.I.P. Original Bluesbreaker!

Postby mojo filters » Thu Apr 05, 2012 11:53 pm

Goodbye to the man who's name graced so much, from the early amplifier incarnations of the legendary KT66 valve-powered JTM-45 platform, made famous most notably by Clapton and so named from the John Mayall 'Beano' album...through the EL34-powered Super Leads (or early Plexi's) that helped give Jimi Hendrix his unique sound...past the turret point-to-point wiring to the PCBs of JCM 800s etc that defined rock music in the 80's...

...a great man with an even louder sound :D

PS J Spaceman mostly uses (live) Marshall heads with 1960A cabs, so folks out there will know the 'sound' 8)
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