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The Dr
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Post by The Dr »

i just noticed it is 2 years tomorrow since anyone posted in here!
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'Well, who knows, who knows,' he replied.

'Dostoevsky's dead,' said the citizeness, but somehow not very confidently.

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Re: landmark

Post by heisenberg »

Kind of a shame, really. Anyone want to share any new gear they've purchased recently?

I posted my pedalboard a few years back. As fun and as it is (and as proud of it as I am), it is a nightmare to carry to rehearsals/gigs. I'm constructing a miniboard of my other pedals which will cover most of the same ground for half the size/weight, albeit without some of the little luxury items that are on the bigger board. I don't have a band at the moment, so my pedalboard geekiness has died off of late.

I don't know much about keyboards, but I was wondering if anyone uses nord keyboards? And if so, what their experience/feedback has been. I've seen so many bands I like (including Spz at Glastonbury 2015) using them and I'm intrigued. Expensive though.
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Re: landmark

Post by TheWarmth »

I can post some things later tonight. I just assumed there wasn't much interest, so I stopped posting gear. Happy to nerd out, though.
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Re: landmark

Post by NumberZzz »

Hi to all,
Ive just bought a Motu 1248 thunderbolt audio interface. Its got ESS 32 Sabre ultra converters in it and works at 192K.
I write electronic music using logic pro X. We're called Magnetic Pistons and got played by the BBC introducing team about a month ago. Its a great 'capture device', but analog rules supreme. We do have a lot of analog gear, some cheap, some more expensive. We've also got a bunch of Roland 330 spacial processors (not used yet as I was writing tunes clean out of iMac sound card until recently). I just bought a Nectar Panorama P4 controller keyboard too (thanks minor car crash), both items (Motu and Nektar are recommended. Forgot, I got an IConnect midi 2 plus for iPad connection (so I can use Lemur controller).
Dan in the band has a Moog Midi Murf, I ain't timed that up to wave speed yet, but sounds ace anyway, will sound better.
Don't wanna sound like I'm boasting...We've been collecting/ learning for years, and only about 3 months ago have a nail it to the high standard needed.
Here we Go
2 X Volca bass
Volca beats
Volca FM
Volca Keys
Nord lead 2
Novation bass station
Bass bot TT303
Korg Minilogue
Korg ms2000
2 X s boss se70 fx
Roland rev 330 sdx 330 sde 330 fx
boss dd10 dd20 delays
Focusrite platinum compressor
Zoom guitar fx (slips me)
3 X boss dr 880 drum machines
You Rock midi guitar
Fender precision bass
Yamaha Pacifica strat (ace)
Silent way sample accurate midi interface
Sync gen pro 2
Unitor 8 mk 2
IConnect midi 2 plus with iPad and Lemur
P4 panarama keyboard
Moog Midi Murf filter
Yamaha QX1 sequencer
Motu Ultravide 1248 AVB thunderbolt interface
FL studio PC
Ableton Mac
Logic pro X Mac
Yamaha RS7000 sampling workstation
Danny's got various Mic's/ stands...none that good
Lexicon reflex fx
Fluke oscilloscope
Hewlett Packard sythesizer / function generator
Casio and Texas instruments programmable calculators.

I could go on but I'm bored.
Am building imagery rig at the moment.
Thanks for the site.
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