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Any electronic engineers?

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2022 6:16 pm
by I am Solarflare
Hi guys, can anyone help either with advice or any help? I have an old Zoom multi fx pedal, 1010? And also an old Casio keyboard MT70, until last year, they both worked perfectly. I put them away for a while, tried to use them and neither work. Is anyone on here an electronics engineer? Would it be worth me trying to get them fixed? I play guitar and keyboards as a hobby, certainly not professional but I do play most days and even though the Zoom pedal isn’t studio quality, I can remember getting some great effects with it, especially the echo so I wouldn’t mind getting that fixed. The keyboard I would like to get that fixed if possible as I have a few vintage keyboards I’ve collected over the years, mostly for a few quid. I noticed Sonic used a Yamaha PSS480 on All Things Being Equal, think I got one of them for a fiver at an auction 😊 any advice or help would be very much appreciated