It Might Get Loud

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It Might Get Loud

Post by Sim »

Just noticed that this has been released on DVD. Anyone seen it and would care to recommend (or the opposite)?
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Re: It Might Get Loud

Post by simonkeeping »

I saw it very recently and quite enjoyed it. I thought the 'round table' scenes we're a little bit dull but the three of them going back to there roots was really interesting. You can see the excitement in there eyes. I do have a soft spot for the Edge and he came across as a really, really top man. Spending hours just playing around with effects to get the sound he had in his head. The opening scene with Jack White is very cool too. Its definatley worth watching
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Re: It Might Get Loud

Post by MODLAB »

I wrote about it in the film section and just recently saw it.

I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed seeing the 3 different sides of 3 great guitar players.
The jams were really good.

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Re: It Might Get Loud

Post by echobaseone »

Just saw it the other night and enjoyed it immensely. Gave me a new found respect for Jimmy Page's riffs, though I've never been a HUGE Zeppelin fan (I think it has to do more with the histronic vocal style at times). My wife fell asleep towards the end, and said she dreamed of the 3 of them as an old oak tree, a high rise building and a wild flower. I could totally identify.
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