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Istanbul Airport (Ataturk), suffers 2 Explosive Blasts

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:01 pm
by semisynthetic
The Ataturk Airport was attacked by a possible murder/ suicide Bombing(s). This is a very modern, well secured Airport and exact information is not yet available; it was however officially released that 40+ were wounded. More information will be forthcoming. Early reports suggest Terrorism, 2 Explosions & wounds from broken glass. 28 people are confirmed dead.

A Turkish Official has announced 2 individuals wearing explosive vests detonated the explosives at the outer edge of the entrance to an X-ray analysis area. The Airport is currently closed.

***This is the 2nd Anniversary of explosions in Turkey by those of "ISIS" who declared their "Caliphate" and installed Baghdadi as its Head.

The attack began with Terrorists using fully-automatic Kalashnikov weapons, and (possibly hand grenades); with the fire returned by Security, followed by the 2 Explosions.

ISIS has just now acknowledged their involvement in this heinous crime of war.

One Point that is clear, is ISIS has killed over 160 people outside of their "safety zone" in the last 2 days; and that has been called "a minimal number" by Intelligence Analysts, i.e., if ISIS were not involved in Turkey. The 160 number is from Yemen, Jordan and Lebanon.

Re: Istanbul Airport (Ataturk), suffers 2 Explosive Blasts

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 10:16 am
by jack white
Semi, do you think the world is at war?
I know it's a terribly reductive statement but for some reason two different people have asked me this the past 2 days, or if there will be another world war. I know that there are isolated conflicts happening everyday. But this is a global problem, no?

With the recapturing of Fallujah I expected a response, I'm sure pretty much everyone did. + the anniversary of the previous Turkish attacks surely the intelligence services should have been on highest alert. But by the same token when people are bent on destruction some are going to succeed.

It's slightly different for the USA being so geographically removed, tho clearly domestic terrorism is a living threat. But Turkey is the doorstep to Europe & with Paris last year & Brussels already this year it feels like things are still going in the wrong direction. There have been 5 suicide attacks in turkey this year, so far.
Is there an end-game? Is this the end-game? These victims are civilians! There needs to be more done. The response hasn't been good enough. It seems like the only thing we know is that further attacks are likely. We don't know any answers, how to solve this, if there even is a solution.

At least 36 people dead because of something rotten inside other people. There must be a way to exsanguinate this sickness from our world.

Re: Istanbul Airport (Ataturk), suffers 2 Explosive Blasts

Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 2:59 am
by semisynthetic

I have believed for years that a Theocratic/ Fascist War AGAINST (most) of the rest of the World has been going on FOR years. As far as Oceans - I have lost count of Islamist Terrorists captured on the Southern Border; but more on vulnerability later.
Please bear with me, and remember I wish only to answer Jack's Question as best I can as succinctly as I can - but a "preview" of sorts is, I think, Helpful - and is NOT meant to be hurtful. Remember I have only (4) alternating UK/BBC channels, (plus the official BBC channel on US Television); it is insightful, not what I hoped to view and hear. I will include my opinions; it may be only my opinion, but it is difficult not to include them with these things that matter so much, and that I have considered so often and for so long. I am not trying to insult anything about the UK; these are my observations, some of which were very eye opening for me. I know you have more to choose from than just the BBC; but I have a sort of "mix" of contents that vary through the day, very little in the way of news other than BBC; it was the best assortment I could purchase. Much has changed. Some USA Media is far from fair, and the "agendas" of these so called elites permeate some minor and some old media alike.

I understand more than ever after watching the BRexit and the latest Turkish Islamist Terrorist Attacks why so many may NOT believe we are at War. First of all, all I have are (4) alternating "mixes" of UK/ BBC Channels on my Television hookups. They are, nevertheless, very "informative", but not in a good way. Each one is so terribly redacted, so lacking in context, and telling the "desired" view that the UK government wants you and anyone who watches it, to have a very clearly "created" World View; it was genuinely startling.

Many years ago, I listened to BBC when the Cold War was an all out "cold war"; but still multiple views were shared - even Soviet Reporters and propagandists were allowed to debate the West for the World to hear. Frankly, it made the Soviet side look terrible; they were obviously scripted, and telling what they were told to tell - and it hurt their arguments, clearly. I have hundreds of Cassettes that I let run during long Winter nights, and the BBC of today sounds sadly like the Soviet-prepared "correct" stories I heard on BBC yesterday. I was not prepared for that, but repeated listenings made it clear. I heard Mr. Farage for example, at the EU - for a few seconds, followed not by reporting by the BBC, but by pure opinion; I heard next only that the "French delegate spoke next", but only when I listened to a USA channel did I hear what went on before I heard all of what Farage said, and what the French Delegate said (w/ translation) - and it did obviously NOT fit the UK Government agenda or narrative "story line to the People". I wonder just what was reported about Orlando, Florida a couple of weeks ago? The wording is fascinating and calculated.

Why do I write this? I want to share just how it tells me once again and shows me once again that I do not believe you are being told the fullest possible, complete detailed story - and something close to the Truth about what goes on in the World. Not simply because of "lack of time", the opinion person fills a LOT of time that could have been used to report the actual news. The biased story telling of US Politics by the BBC is so blatant, that I just shook my head and wondered. I can see how the somewhat older crowd, noticing the effects of the "elites" in power, voted to get out. It seems when something important to a story is just about to appear, it is cut out. When these things happen by the government here in the US, (and they do happen), there are journalists who look into it and report it REPEATEDLY - often on different programs of different networks; it is a way of holding the government's feet to the fire, and the people DO find out - if they care to. Many people are zombie like and don't know and don't care, and that is their prerogative; but from what I watched on BBC, and other UK channels, you are kept in the dark about so much of important and relevant detail - and I think this colors some of the opinions I have seen on this SITE. Of course, I know that this is a hard thing to convey - and I have but a few UK TV Channels to compare with 100x+ the channels here at home. That is one reason I paid to get at LEAST what package of extra channels I COULD from different countries, especially the UK, so I could see at least SOMETHING of what you must see; and I was disappointed beyond my worst fears of it. Of course I realize that Europe and the UK are farther Left than I am comfortable with, and I keep that in mind. But the coverage - Absolutely Orwellian; and very "Brave New World" as well.

And now my answer straight to you is again that a Fascist like regime, ISIS, or ISIL if you like, or a half dozen other names is using 21st Century assymettric warfare to uphold Theocratic Ideals that are a bastardization of a religion. A large number of Retired US Generals, and Intel Specialists agree; but I do think for myself; it just so happens that as I write this, I see Gen. Flynne is on one screen discussing this (as a War) on the news while I'm writing; but the sound is off; I just happened to notice him.

What RELIGION of the Modern Age uses slavery for sex; and for working men, women and children to death? - All of whom do not follow the tenets of a form of Islam that even Al-Quaeda found extreme? What RELIGION considers beheading a "rite of passage for 7 year old boys"? What Religion practices on children and women with machetes - not to kill, that takes no practice, just to maim and leave them to slowly die?
What IS Fascism? I believe one short way of explaining it is this: "If you do not believe as we say, you are wrong, and must Die". We all know the old punishments. Very Efficient. But how do these old methods compare to tying little girls and little boys, and their mothers, naked, to trees, to be convenient sex slaves, until they are killed or die, and replaced? Muslims of a different viewpoint than these animals are as much "infidels" as I am, or you are.

You say the USA is (somewhat) protected; yet our OWN government, who withdrew TOTALLY and on a "very public timetable" from Iraq, allowed a small, tiny really, group morph and grow into what we have now. To allow these animals to chase and kill and create hundreds of thousands of refugees that they may hide within the masses of people - all or most having no papers or method to be vetted, is one of the worst crimes my country's government, led by a "follower in chief" leading from behind, has committed. This "blame America First" ideological crowd helps explain it; but I believe it resulted from pure cowardice. Do you know how many truly evil men were released from Gitmo Base? Do you know where they are now? It is OK, no one really does, not for sure. Meanwhile, to keep "Gitmo" emptied, the President has a Kill List. We lose valuable intelligence, but we empty Gitmo. Brilliant. I watched a convoy destroyed today.

We, here in the USA may have once been protected by the Oceans; but now innocent Citizens are killed in Orlando, Florida; just a few weeks ago, the SAME DAY I sent my wife and her family and all those kids to visit Disneyworld. Did you hear much in detail about that? It was the greatest Islamist Terrorist Attack since the 9-11 attack by Al-Qaeda, World Trade Center. I cannot imagine it was not reported in detail - the swine killed more than 50 people like fish in a barrel at a Gay Nightclub. One door only. These Islamist Terrorists HATE Gays and Lesbian people enough to behead them; or stone them "like they are women". How about San Bernadeno, California - a husband and wife pair killed all they could - Pledged to ISIS. How about the "Islamic" U.S. Major at a Military Base? He reportedly said incredible comments in favor of the terrorists, but "got by because no one wished to be rascist" - killed many before shouting Praises to Allah, and being killed himself. It was called, get this - "WORKPLACE VIOLENCE" by the Obama administration; it may have been close to an election, like BENGHAZI, Libya; a well coordinated attack, streamed LIVE into the White House, but 56 days before an election was blamed by ALL who watched and did nothing - they blamed some YouTube Video that was a complete lie. It is once again all over US TV, just like it was at the time, and the 5-6 Sunday Shows that Secretary Rice repeated the SAME video Lie, long after it was known to be a well planned attack.

The Senate just released 800 pages explaining in some detail how in 2012 this was hidden. No DIRECT blame was made - it was unnecessary; anyone who watched the news saw the President, and especially Hillary Clinton, tell those family members who lost loved ones it was caused by this "Video"; even when Clinton had emailed her own daughter and the Presidents of Egypt and Libya that it was clearly a Terrorist Attack. (Yeah, on her private server) - Please forgive my disgust. I see and read the news and Official Documents - maybe too often sometimes. It is sickening.

My Country, more than any other, could have taken out the "barn sized" kernel that became ISIS; but our "leadership" didn't. I am ashamed of their cowardice, for year after year after year, all of the Intel Heads, many who resigned in frustration, said ISIS must be destroyed immediately or it would become "a world-wide danger", a world wide Threat.

So, now Turkey; with 4-5 attacks this year, and the gateway to Europe hears the same dryly delivered short speech that says nothing; the same old "we will blah blah blah". Nothing. With just a few months left, what are a few thousand people who have lost everything mean? Nothing really, not to these "elites" - they continue to do just fine. Might hurt the election, yep. Now you see my disdain and understanding when a genuinely possible reason for the UK leaving the EU; these "elitists" may do this or that wonderful project, "but always for a price, Bugati, for a price" ("Casablanca)". The Elitists have taken TOO much, and made certain they continue to. That is why I look to the most unlikely of candidates in the USA Election; because there IS a World War; it is just that too many people still don't know it yet. They aren't supposed to, really. At least not until AFTER this Election. Then it is someone else's problem anyway, whoever is President.

Meanwhile, ISIS has attacked France, USA, Yemen, Quatarr, Lebanon, and a few others; has most of what was Iraq, their headquarters in Syria, branches in the Phillipines, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and sleeper cells all over the World and they hate us. How does one deal with an enemy who sees a heaven of sorts by killing you or me? The answer is obvious to me - for one, send as many of these Islamist Terrorists to Allah as possible per unit time and make the world safer. Of course it is not THAT simple and the list is long. But, it will likely need to begin after the - Election. Meanwhile, the various Intel Directors will continue to draw up the best possible contingency plans.

Yes, there IS a World War of a hijacked religion against EVERYONE who does not agree with them. It is stealthy, and healthy and growing everyday. A few graffiti writings and unfortunate comments ARE very different than beheadings. I keep these things in perspective - but I do feel empathy for any genuinely peaceful Muslim. Still, who can be Terribly upset at those who are worried that increasingly, as this unfortunate flight of immigrants and sleepers among them, heads North West?

And so little was done to stop a very clear threat early on, to today. Platitudes don't win Wars with those who wish you dead.

Re: Istanbul Airport (Ataturk), suffers 2 Explosive Blasts

Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2016 9:24 pm
by semisynthetic
Better add "Bangladesh" to the list. What a mess; and so much was avoidable early on. The President has taken a lot of criticism for his continued inaction with each new attack, wherever it is; except from the more "Ideologically" compatable. Reality seems to be very inconvenient to this President; but he keeps hoping it will "all go away" it appears. Some strategy.

Nine Islamist Terrorists took over a popular restaurant, killing at least 2; and holding the rest; it was reported the Terrorists were members of "ISIS".

Re: Istanbul Airport (Ataturk), suffers 2 Explosive Blasts

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 2:21 am
by davedecay
Add Baghdad. They aren't targeting only Christians or 'free' countries. ... bings.html

Re: Istanbul Airport (Ataturk), suffers 2 Explosive Blasts

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 1:07 am
by semisynthetic
Why not simply refer to this as a new type of World War. I believe every continent except Antartica has been attacked by these Islamist Terrorists, or supplied by countries in assorted ways from essentially every continent.
It seems so strange to me that something of such dimensions is purposefully ignored.

Re: Istanbul Airport (Ataturk), suffers 2 Explosive Blasts

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 8:05 am
by Stuart X.Hunter
Opportunity, Inaction and Ignorance...almost like it was all planned