Spacemen 3 dream reunion setlist

It's fairly unlikely you'd have made it here without ever having heard of Jason's previous incarnation. So here you go, talk away...

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Spacemen 3 dream reunion setlist

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Let's face it, never gonna happen. But let's say Jason and Peter hug and make up, get back together for love of the music etc. Sold out Brixton Academy. What would be your dream setlist. This is mine.
It is actually fairly tricky as they have both played a fair amount of Spacemen tunes in their solo careers, so it's hard not just to have those versions in mind. Also do you include Recurring songs which were basically solo recordings at that stage.

Intro: Ecstasy Symphony

1. Take Me To The Other Side

2. Honey

3. Mary Anne

4. Hypnotized

5. Let Me Down Gently

6. Rollercoaster

7. Transparent Radiation

8. Why Couldn’t I See

9. Losing Touch With My Mind

10. Sometimes

11. Walking With Jesus

12. Things’ll Never Be The Same

13. Suicide


14. Revolution

15. Big City
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Re: Spacemen 3 dream reunion setlist

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That's a long set😁
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