the perfect prescription... adx

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the perfect prescription... adx

Post by Hofstadter »

it's been forever since I posted on this board. i miss it here, maybe I will start checking it again. things just got crazy busy and stuff the past year or two.

anyways, in light of dzhokhar tsarnaev's sentencing (which saddened me, for various complex reasons, including having friends that were on his prom bus, which seems insane to me), I was re-reading the recent new york times article on the ADX colorado supermax prison. ... .html?_r=0

I just so happened to be listening to sp3's perfect prescription while reading it.
and I came across this line, which I had forgotten about:
“We’re all in the pill line in Duke. I’ve got three kinds of insanity: One is depression, one is bipolar, one is schizophrenia. But right now, my personal prescription is perfect.”
fucking chills man. read that article. also, read the new york times article on norway's highest security prison. different fucking worlds.

gonna go cry i think. really recommend you read the article on adx.

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