Sonic & Will live, 15 November 1988 - Recording

It's fairly unlikely you'd have made it here without ever having heard of Jason's previous incarnation. So here you go, talk away...

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Sonic & Will live, 15 November 1988 - Recording

Postby mc » Fri Oct 07, 2016 8:37 pm

Saw this on a Spacemen 3 Twitter account, which incidentally is full of great stuff. This is the London gig where Sonic & Will played without Jason, who was watching from the bar.

"1. Ode To Street Hassle/Angel
02. Ché
03. I Believe It
04. Honey
05. Mary-Anne
06. Transparent Radiation

"It is very important to know that Jason Pierce DID NOT PLAY in this gig. That was confirmed on at least two sources: the SP3 gig page mentioned above and a note from Ian Goodchild about this concert:

"The Brentford Waterman's gig was a one-off - in a way - but was
advertised as a Spacemen 3 gig (presumably because Jason couldn't make
it? I don't know, but he was NOT at the gig, hence the unusual set:
Sonic Boom, guitar and Keyboards; Will Carruthers, Bass & guitar; &
unidentified guitarist/keyboards (probably Mark Refoy?) as far as I
know, and it was a soundboard recording - quality is VERY good. It was a
Spacemen 3 gig though...Sonic Boom's Spectrum gigs (of which I have a
few early examples, and the tracklisting is predictable to say the least
- Revolution and Suicide, anyone?) were very different to this.

The tracklisting is right: it is the full version of Ode to Street
Hassle, which segues into 'Angel' (the end coda from 'Well, Well, I
guess/He just couldn't stand his life/without sweet heroin' repeated and
other lyrics ad-libbed)."
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Re: Sonic & Will live, 15 November 1988 - Recording

Postby clewsr » Tue Oct 11, 2016 12:22 pm

Thanks for this, really interesting set and Great Quality.
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Re: Sonic & Will live, 15 November 1988 - Recording

Postby veiko » Wed Oct 12, 2016 9:09 am

And then Will is writing in his book that it was argued many times why not to bring in more slower/tender songs for the live set of Spacemen 3. Was Jason really just standing in the bar and watching by? Cracks weirdly seen in such a good mindbending band... I should dive deeply into my SP3 archives and see if there are any adverts about this event. Or feedback. Or anything,,,
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Re: Sonic & Will live, 15 November 1988 - Recording

Postby olan » Wed Oct 12, 2016 9:39 am

I think with the exception of the first track all the songs in this set got multiple airings from SP3, although things like I believe it were infrequently played.
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