C86 Show Podcast - Pete Kember interview

It's fairly unlikely you'd have made it here without ever having heard of Jason's previous incarnation. So here you go, talk away...

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C86 Show Podcast - Pete Kember interview

Post by niamhm »

Been subscribed to this C86 Show podcast for a while now and a real mixed bag of interesting guests its had, particularly enjoyed the Ricky Maymi one earlier this month some what surprised this morning to see the latest one is a two part interview with Pete Kember, these show are usually wrapped up in an hour but this one is almost 2 hrs, I guess Pete had plenty to say

https://www.c86show.org/e/spacemen-3-so ... er-kember/
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Re: C86 Show Podcast - Pete Kember interview

Post by sunray »

Cheers Gary :D Think i'll line this up for some pre-sleep listening.
I think you posted another podcast series a while back that looked interesting. I still haven't managed to get around to that one yet.
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Re: C86 Show Podcast - Pete Kember interview

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Thanks for sharing this. I listened to the whole thing. it was nice to hear Pete talk at length.
Not sure why the host didn't edit out the bits where the connection went, and the accompanying awkward silences however!

Pete was on good form, talking about the Spacemen 3 days amongst other stuff such as the music scene in general and modern politics

It sounds like his next project may be an album with Panda Bear, if I understood his hints correctly.
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