unofficial spectrum site vs reality.

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unofficial spectrum site vs reality.

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Hey Guys ,
San Francisco Spectrum show -( last in usa for a good while... ) at 12 Galaxies in the mission on this coming fri 14th .then theres a host of shows in NZ ,Australia & Japan coming up in March/April .plus new releases to boot .

if u r signed up to the UNOFFICIAL (tho it claims otherwise) Spectrum site but would like to get PROPER updates from me (sonic/pk) then please send a friend request to & then sign up for blogs when accepted .if u r members of the UNOFFICIAL page or my official sonic boom page ( R BEST TO SIGN UP IN ORDER TO GET NEW SPECTRUM SONGS, INFO & UPDATES ON WHAT I'M UP TO NOT POSTED ON THE 'OFFICIAL FAN SITE' AS THEY CALL THEMSELVES -ERONEOUSLY !!!!.

these blogs do not get posted ANYWHERE except
being a friend on my sonic boom site does not mean you will get all the updates .
please act on this if u care as the un-official site may not be up for much longer .
pete kember/sonic boom

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