Outpatients Passwords - PLEASE READ!

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Outpatients Passwords - PLEASE READ!

Post by BzaInSpace »

Afternoon all.

Just a quick note to advise you that due to increased activity taking place from various hacking groups and hack bots we suggest that everyone reviews their current passwords for the forum.

Should it be easy to work out, a play on your username, or just something completely obvious we highly recommend you change your password now, using the Users Control Panel.

What makes a good password? Over to the man Nightwash...
Nightwash wrote: ...a password which is at least 7 characters long and contains uppercase, lowercase, digits and a symbol.
All new users to the forum are now required to create a password using the above criteria, which should be robust enough to counter any attempted hacking.

Any questions? Drop any of us a PM!

Cheers - B
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