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You Tube embedding

Post by runcible »

You may have noticed in the 'new song of the day' thread that embedded YouTube videos are now in place.

Rather than just providing a link to your video you can now have it so anyone can watch it without going to an external link. It makes things neater and also provides a glimpse of what you're trying to show people.

It's very easy to use. There is now a 'youtube' button just above the text entry box, to the right of the 'font colour' button. Click on this and enter the code from the YouTube clip that appears after '?v=' bit in the URL. So instead of just linking the video for Anyway That You Want Me, which is '' you take the 'YleJPoKBqrw' part and paste it in. So:

Very nice! And thank you Nightwash who built this feature in.