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Sorry for the downtime

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 3:56 pm
by NightWash
Here is the story: This morning i took a backup of the database (which i do almost every day until i find a way to automate it). After the backup i wanted to delete the oldest one because 4 backups should be more than enough. But the connection failed because of a provider problem.
Around lunch time the site was up and working again and i remembered to do my housekeeping. Sadly i pressed the wrong button and instead of "Delete backup" i pressed "Restore" which started the restore of the old backup (16th of november). I recognized it fast but anyway too late :(
The biggest problem is that the restore wont complete because this forum is too big. So it was in an inconsistent state. I had some real trouble to apply the current backup. I needed to split the posts table and import it step by step. This took me hours. But now everything should work again. Sadly all posts between 06:00h am (GMT/UTC) are gone.

Sorry again but sometimes you just click the wrong button...