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Back in action

Postby NightWash » Tue Feb 10, 2009 9:10 pm

As some of you may notice, the board style has changes. Looks a bit similar to the old one - so no need to worry ;)
We upgraded the forum and the old style wasnt compatible with the new forum software.
So the change had to be. The board upgrade was very important, we ran a version which was outdated and also a beta. Due to the style problem we havent managed it to update the software until now.

I tested the upgrade - as usual. All should work as before. Just the chat isnt working at the moment - tomorrow i will have a look at it. But since none used it i may remove the link again anyway.

Hope you like the new style :)


Edit: I solved the problem with the chat. There where just 2 files missing.
Since it doesnt cost anything, i will leave the link there - maybe tweak the icon a bit, looks to similar to the Memberlist icon.
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