fs: S3 us tour poster

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fs: S3 us tour poster

Post by burningwheel »

$400 obo. Cheaper than other 2 on ebay atm. Signed by artist etc. Does have minor condition issues. Contact me with the email for more pictures
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Re: fs: S3 us tour poster

Post by catweazel »

https://www.ebay.com/itm/304674382804?h ... R7Sp_8KIYQ

Kind of surprised anyone would pay those kinds of sums for a poster for a tour that never happened.

Still, little surprises me these days.

I mean, check out the RSD boxsets for the 3 singles. You could buy the original Glass 12"s for the prices they're going for nowadays. Aside from a snazzy box, I don't see the appeal?

I suspect a lot of these things that we see at insane prices don't really sell at those prices.
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Re: fs: S3 us tour poster

Post by spacemanrich »

Yeah, I hear you. Only a fool and their money part ...
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Re: fs: S3 us tour poster

Post by Billy_Whizz »

Signatures look a bit rubbed out in places. Great poster though. Would love that on my wall.
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