New LP from The Orb

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New LP from The Orb

Post by olan »

Details of the various versions here: There are some really limited variants so it might be worth checking soon if you are interested.

I went for the limited double LP with free CD and am really looking forward to this. The last few LPs the Orb and various side projects have produced have all been very decent.
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Re: New LP from The Orb

Post by spacemanrich »

I really like " Orbus Terrarum ". In fact, that is the only album I have of them. Let me know how the new album is ...
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Re: New LP from The Orb

Post by SpEnCeR1 »

only dipped in an out of their discography erratically over the years but the last one 'abolition of the royal familia' was really bluddy excellent so hoping theyre still hitting that standard. will check out.
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Re: New LP from The Orb

Post by sunray »

Another act that suffers from being over-prolific. The lp with Lee Perry is the only one i've listened to in the past 15-20 years. Have great intentions to listen to each new release but it never happens, there are always more pressing aural engagements.
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