Spacemen 3 @ Dingwalls, 28 March 1988

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Spacemen 3 @ Dingwalls, 28 March 1988

Post by Ian »

For those of you who aren't members of the UK Spacemen 3 Facebook group, here's something I posted there yesterday.

"I thought people stopped dancing like that when they went through puberty."

Here's a lovely treat for a Saturday - a previously uncirculated Spacemen 3 gig. This is from 28 March 1988 at Dingwalls, Camden, London, part of a short UK tour following the January and February tour of Europe where Performance was recorded. The band were without a drummer at this point, so Martin Langshaw of Perfect Disaster was sitting in.

It's not the entire gig unfortunately, the encore of Walkin' With Jesus and Suicide is missing, but it is all of the main set. And there are a couple of really interesting things about it. During the instrumental conclusion to Rollercoaster, Sonic includes parts of Honey, in a similar way that he would during the Watermans "Dreamweapon" gig later in the year. And Revolution starts with some lyrics from John Lee Hooker’s Boogie Chillen, the only recording I've ever heard where this happens. I posted a thing a little while ago ( ... of-a-song/) that included a copy of Sonic's hand-written lyrics for Revolution that had this part at the end, but had no idea they'd actually been sung.

Enormous thanks to Cath Crowe for the recording. Unheard for nearly 35 years!

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Re: Spacemen 3 @ Dingwalls, 28 March 1988

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Cheers Ian :D

I've long had the idea that Honey originated from the desecending sequence in Rollercoaster. No idea if that's the case though.

Love the compere at the start. Different times.
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Re: Spacemen 3 @ Dingwalls, 28 March 1988

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I appreciate the cross-post here, as I'm not on facebook. Thanks, Ian!
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