Any electronic engineers?

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Any electronic engineers?

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Hi guys, can anyone help either with advice or any help? I have an old Zoom multi fx pedal, 1010? And also an old Casio keyboard MT70, until last year, they both worked perfectly. I put them away for a while, tried to use them and neither work. Is anyone on here an electronics engineer? Would it be worth me trying to get them fixed? I play guitar and keyboards as a hobby, certainly not professional but I do play most days and even though the Zoom pedal isn’t studio quality, I can remember getting some great effects with it, especially the echo so I wouldn’t mind getting that fixed. The keyboard I would like to get that fixed if possible as I have a few vintage keyboards I’ve collected over the years, mostly for a few quid. I noticed Sonic used a Yamaha PSS480 on All Things Being Equal, think I got one of them for a fiver at an auction 😊 any advice or help would be very much appreciated
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Re: Any electronic engineers?

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I have that Zoom pedal. Silver? I fried it years ago when I used a wrong adapter which had the wrong wattage. Batteries still work on it though… have you tried that?

Definitely would suggest getting the keyboard repaired professionally. Have you looked at YT tutorials etc?

Also if they’ve been in storage for a while it may be they need to be kept in a warmer environment for a bit. I know that’s not based on actual science but living in the freezing winter up here I found that some electronic devices just seem to momentarily die. Your mileage may vary, but good luck!
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