Rip Wayne Kramer

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Rip Wayne Kramer

Post by herman »

À legend is lost.
Happy I saw the MC5 in action a couple of years ago.
Rip Wayne Kramer.
"Thank you"
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Re: Rip Wayne Kramer

Post by niamhm »

That’s a kick in the dick for sure, he lived some life though an got a good age, playing Back In The USA an celebrating the dude here
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Re: Rip Wayne Kramer

Post by Billy_Whizz »

A proper legend. We somehow managed to blag an interview with him for my website a few years back.

Here's the Q&A - https://thesoundofconfusionblog.blogspo ... -live.html which he surprisingly reveals he's a fan of Skrillax and mentions the MC5's Bruce Springsteen connection which I didn't know about before.

Karla who conducted the interview said he was a great guy. She'd taken the afternoon off to go to a hotel in London to interview him. There were loads of other press there in a queue to talk to him. She was quite close to the front of the queue but kept letting the press guys go before her because they seemed in a rush and she had all afternoon. So Wayne told her to come and sit with him and his wife while he did all the other interviews. It worked out quite well because he was getting asked the same stuff over and over again so she knew not to ask the same questions that everyone else would be publishing answers to.

After all the interviews had finished, Karla walked to the station with Wayne and his wife. Karla, being a bit nuts, asked Wayne if he wanted a piggy back. He politely declined...

RIP Wayne.
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Re: Rip Wayne Kramer

Post by SpEnCeR1 »

this news was a massive surprise; he was enthusing about new material and touring later this year.

wish there was more footage of the MC5 in action; love the way him and Sonic Smith moved onstage. saw DKT however long ago that was; an awesome show for sure.

RIP you legend
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Re: Rip Wayne Kramer

Post by angel-sighs »

Absolute legend for sure. Another one who always seemed fit and healthy in recent years which somehow makes it even more of a shock.

KOTJ surely up there as one of the greatest live albums. Something about the roar of the guitars and it still sounds very live, you can hear the ambience of that ballroom.
I have always hankered for an expanded reissue with all songs played both nights, in that wonderful sound quality, but i think i remember reading that the tapes have been lost
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Re: Rip Wayne Kramer

Post by mkb »

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