All Points East

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All Points East

Post by spzranger »

I am off to East London tomorrow for All Points East. Spiritualized set is apparently 18:40-19:30 on the West Stage. Will be interesting to see what the set list looks like at start of festival season. I imagine Shine A Light and Come Together will feature, but just 50 minutes is a bit of a short set and will be interesting to see what else comes up. Electric Mainline would be nice. Weather forecast is looking good so could be a bit of a Lay Back In The Sun early evening set...

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Re: All Points East

Post by JJ1977 »

Wow, from low expectations (not of the band more of the time/stage/crowd) that was amazing tonight.
Big crowd in a huge tent that were really up for it.. sound was loud and clear as well.. just all round stormed it

Come Together
Shine A Light
Soul On Fire
She Kissed Me (it felt like a hit)
A Perfect Miracle
I’m Your Man
On The Sunshine
The Morning After

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Re: All Points East

Post by sunray »

I actually prefer that setlist to the full one!
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Re: All Points East

Post by angelsighs »

sunray wrote:
Sat May 25, 2019 1:07 am
I actually prefer that setlist to the full one!
I agree, that's a nice tight festival setlist which crucially, has the two rockers from And Nothing Hurt

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Re: All Points East


Great set , was really apprehensive before arriving at Victoria park because of the scheduled time of the Spiritualized slot, but when I found out that it was to be in the West stage big top it was a big result.
Really enjoyed the mix of songs , but always a sucker for Shine a Light.
As said before, a crowd full of appreciation and up for it .

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