Psych Against Cancer

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Psych Against Cancer

Post by sunray »

Just saw this posted on the Julian Cope forum and figured it'd be of interest to folk here:

76 tracks (some exclusives, some album and ep length themselves!).
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Re: Psych Against Cancer

Post by Laz69 »

Compiled by some friends and lots of great bands. 76 tracks for a £10? An absolute steal, and for a wonderful cause. Think i saw they'd had over 100 downloads in the space of a day... that's brilliant!

Martin L
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Re: Psych Against Cancer

Post by Martin L »

Thanks for the heads up. Great tracks, great cause.

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Re: Psych Against Cancer

Post by niamhm »

Yep, good cause, monumental track listing to get through as well , sent my cash and will diving in and out of this one over Xmas

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Re: Psych Against Cancer

Post by olan »

Had to engage in a bit of PC decluttering to be able to open the Zip file. Looks very interesting.

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Re: Psych Against Cancer

Post by angelsighs »

very good cause, total bargain, has to be done.

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