Happy 30th Birthday!

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Happy 30th Birthday!

Post by heisenberg »

I noticed a few months back that The Complete Works vol.1 was removed from Apple Music. And with this year (and indeed this month) being Spiritualized's 30th birthday, I was wondering if it was a sign that anything was on the cards to celebrate this milestone. Some kind of new compilation or something? Wouldn't that be nice?

Happy 30th birthday Spiritualized!

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Re: Happy 30th Birthday!

Post by SpEnCeR1 »


yes happy birthday. a mega super duper live compendium of stuff not already circulating would be welcome! :D

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Re: Happy 30th Birthday!

Post by sublow »

Maybe it's time for a proper documentary about the band?
Cheers for another 30 years of bliss music! Or at least one more album 😉

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Re: Happy 30th Birthday!

Post by Martin L »

30 years....no way

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